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With the end of the year in sight, we are called to both reflect and to look forward. As I reflect on this past year, I am reminded that artists are collectors of life’s moments and images. Our art condenses and amplifies the world, the result is always much more than the sum of its parts. Playwrights, actors, directors, designers, and audiences bring together our collective imaginations to create living art. Each performance is a living being; present while we are together and then gone. Theatre’s traditions are ancient, magical, and transformative.

For the past twenty-six years, The Actors Studio of Newburyport has provided a meeting place for the curious. Together with our audiences, we have visited countless worlds. We have shared passionate dialogues as world events have alternately shocked and delighted us. We have invited visiting artists to perform and to teach, encouraged playwrights (new and experienced) to present their work, presented celebrated classics and quirky new takes on the human condition.

Three different playwriting groups are feeders for our North Shore Readers Theatre Collaborative and Stage Three presentations. This season, Stage Three offers two original one act plays as our workshop production. Both deal with sophisticated and complex themes. I could not be more proud of the forum we have provided for both established and emerging talents within our community. Most recently, in our Glass Ceilings production, we presented four well-crafted plays by local playwrights, which reflect the maturity of our play development program.

Each season, the majority of our productions is supported by either grants or directed donations. When the budgets allow, we extend honorariums to our artists, but the truth is everyone works in the spirit of volunteerism, because no one is ever paid equal to their worth. From our board of directors, our events committees, backstage, box office, marketing, graphics, designers, actors, and directors – everyone comes together offering freely of their skills and talents.

Looking forward engages both our visionary capacities and practical demands. We work always in the knowledge that none of this vital artistic expression would be possible without the consistent, generous support of you, our greater community. It is with deep gratitude that I acknowledge the historic support from so many of you and ask that you continue your support or add your support if we have not been on your giving list. With your help we will continue to explore the sometimes funny and sometimes tragic complexities of the human condition as we present our 2018 program.

                                                      – Marc Clopton, Executive Director 

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Producer                        $5,000
Playwright                     $1,000
Director                          $500
Actor                               $100
Stage Manager              Other

Please help us to continue with our vast offerings through your involvement and your generosity.

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The Actors Studio of Newburyport
The Tannery Marketplace
50 Water St., Newburyport, MA 01950

On Behalf of our board of directors and myself, it is with deep gratitude I thank all of our 2017 Annual Appeal contributors. Your support makes accomplishing our mission possible:

John Caverly and Amy Hannah Anderson
Raymond E. and Cynthia G. Arsenault
Arlene and Jeremy Barnard
Jean and Steven Berger
Terry Blanchard
Maria Boulay
Rick Guest and Chris Butler
Kenton Campbell
Yvonne V. Chabrier
Linda Collins
Teri Contino
Alexandra E. Crawford
Kari L. Cretella-Nickou
Chris Czernik
Myron Moss and Maureen Daley
Charles C. Kennedy and Anne Dodge
Karen Chandler & Sandy Farrier
Peter Fulton
Camille Garro
Christine and John A. Gibson
Allan Haley
Elizabeth A. Hamiroune
Steven Corey and Boyd Hancock
Claudia Harris
Lawrence N. Hennessy

Alan Huisman
Stanley Hurwitz
Newburport.Com Inc.
Thomas W. Kenison
Hailey D. D. Klein
Jay Harris and Kathleen Klose
Evelyn W. Kovach
Jack Santos and Astrid Lorentszon
Julie F. McConchie
Arlene McCormack
Yvonne S. McQuilkin
Bruce M. Menin
Kathleen M. Miller
Kathleen Moore
Jesse H. and Margaret P. Motes
Peter A. and Sandra S. Nawrocki
Leslie Aisner Novak
Ania D. O’Connor
Gloria and Alan Papert
Paul J. Runcy and Leslie J. Pasternack
Martha Peabody
Karen Holmes, Physical Therapy LLC
Kathryn Potter
Carol and Richard Raiche

Cynthia and Elizabeth E. Randall
Mark Richey
P. J. Riley
Bradford Ritchie
Derrek and Lucette Robinson
Joanne Alice Rowley
Judy A. Mouradian and Theodore A. Ruetenik
David S. Houlden and James Ryan
P. F. Saba
Mary B. Schaefer
Douglas A. Shealy
John Sheedy
Anne E. and Scott Smith
Jean Soucy
Gretchen Stone
Michael Strem
Susan Van Drie
Sara E. Quay and Charles W. Van Eman Jr.
Joanna Hammond and Theodore Van Nahl
Alfred G. and Karen Vautour
Kathy Weinstock
Margaret E. McCarthy and D. Cary Wendell
Kenneth R. Irwin and Donna J. Wilson
Ellen Wineberg